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Our mission

Cobalt Media is a mobility-first media and technology company, reimagining in-vehicle entertainment for the modern era.

Our software is the seamless interface between content and the car, with the aim to become the leading platform for mobility entertainment content in the world.

As new innovations in automotive emerge to create the ideal conditions for content and gaming, Cobalt Media is the bridge to the millions of potential cars around the world.

Our opportunity

There are currently 7 billion hours of addressable entertainment time per year… in America alone.

Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes of driving each year. Over 66% of total driving trips are conducted by a solo passenger.

Enabling technologies such as 5G and OTA Content Delivery are transforming the car interior into the new entertainment hub.

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Our technology


We take a radical and novel approach to delivering unparalleled personalized and optimized selections by analyzing over 100 data points, including contextual awareness and the vehicle’s geographic location, even the local weather.

Our secret sauce is optimizing content to the vehicle make and model itself, enabling an immersive, mesmerizing content experience that transforms the “lost time” of the standard commute from a chore into the most exciting, most engaging and most fun part of the day.


Content creators and game developers should be able to focus on what they do best, and leave the hard work of standardizing for each vehicle make and model to us. With Cobalt Media's powerful CDN and content serving platform, creators can develop once and deploy everywhere.

Additionally, our unique media contextualization software serves as both content aggregator as well as personalized discovery service atop popular content providers.


A vision this ambitious and far-reaching requires the best possible people to bring it to life.

We have a world-class team spanning the media, technology, entertainment and automotive industries. From relationship development with visionary creators to custom production of content, we aim to build the most compelling in-cabin media experience possible.

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